About Us


We bring you fresh, natural and healthy food of clean integrity that is not copyrighted or factory farmed. We know the farmer and with a joyous endorphin lift we provide with less miles local plant diversity to build food safety and power in this land of Africa for the times to come. We endorse certified organic, savage organic and peer-reviewed natural farming practices and are the opposite paradigm to deceitful whitewashing food profiteering. We then share the gift of real food building strength, intelligence, respect, potential and manifestation. If we won’t eat it, we won’t sell it – this is EARTH PRODUCTS!

Milestones and Landmarks! We are proud of our products because...

None of our DRIED FRUIT has Sulphur Dioxide; if we can't get it in this quality, we will go without - for your sake! (But because we have such lekker longstanding relationships with our farmer friends, we mostly have..). Sulphur Dioxide causes allergies and predisposes us towards low immunity - not what you need.

Fresh nuts and seeds are EXTREMELY important - you want delicious oils full of healthy omegas that are not rancid but deliver powerful, potent nutrition. We test each batch for freshness. Same applies to the wheatgerm. (Rancidity is not a good idea.)

GM-free! All our soya products come from guaranteed GM free beans. This is good.

The only high protein GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN burger in the land. So clean, so delicious!

Ou soya sauces are top of the range; you cannot better the quality. Since miso has proven therapeutic benefits (for digestion and B12) you cannot take shortcuts. Fine, fine soya sauces, traditionally matured in wooden barrels are something special!

The sprouting seed actually sprouts. Sprouts deliver 50x more nutrition than the seed. We have a bottle with lekker instructions - EASY!

You can buy power nutrients such as MSM and organic, non-irradiated spices in bulk.

Pure nut butters. No oils added, hydrogenated or otherwise. No emulsifiers, sugar or salt. 

Full range of sea vegetables - the vegetarian's biltong! Cook with them or eat straight from the packet.

Environmentally friendly packaging. 

We send you recommendations for your establishment - be it a health shop, deli or a yoga centre. We help with recipes and presentation! 

Sincerely yours, EARTH PRODUCTS


Earth Products keeps the art of good food alive. Good food is fresh, natural and healthy. Good food is a statement against copyrighted GM foods and agro business and fast foods. Farmers are culture bearers of biodiversity. We know the farmer and take heart in bringing the customer crops that are cared for. We are the interface that brings these real foods to the customer! We actively support plant diversity, the nutrition of heritage and heirloom foods interwoven with the values of a cutting edge, plant-based diet.

Earth Products  is made by people and nature - not machines.
We educate people about this quality and give cooking classes!
Last bastion of absolute food integrity, purity and value.

Our colleagues say:
'Earth Products gives me health consciousness, yoga, learning about health and respect for food.'
'I enjoy giving good customer service and the customers appreciating that!'
'I am impressed with the respect, gender equality, staff training and I love the daily healthy, vegetarian meal!'
'We take a small thing, like the soya bean and make something great out of it - tofu!'
'Our peanut butter is 100% peanuts, that is value!'
'We are pioneering and teaching.'
'Organic pure foods create a healthy body.'
'Earth Products is our second home.'