Apple Pectin 50g

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Our pectin is apple and citrus based. It is used in three ways :

 Digestive Cleansing :

When you're detoxing, pectin binds with moisture in the digestive system and helps to safely slough off debris. It is conveniently used together with Psyllium Husk. Take 1ts Psyllium Husk, 2 TS Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 level ts Pectin in a glass of warm water or diluted juice, either first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or before retiring at night.

  Cholesterol Lowering :

Pectin binds with LDL (Low Density Lipids = the sticky plaque known as 'Bad' Cholesterol) and helps to safely break down and eliminate it. Same dosage as above.

• Jam Making :

Pectin gels jams and marmalades. The normal ratio is equal amounts of fruit and sugar. However, some of our customers reduce sugar content up to half of the fruit amount in weight. Use 1 to 3 % pectin to total weight of ingredients. Eg. if you have 1kg fruit and sugar mixed, use 10 - 30g pectin. One mixes the pectin with the sugar and then follows the recipe (of how to add the sugar to the fruit and boil off the jam). There is a certain viscosity you want to achieve and as the jam is boiling you test it's consistency by dropping some onto a plate. Please peruse your recipes for further detail.