Chick Pea Flour 500g

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Walnut and Chickpea Laddu

A wonderful high protein treat and easy to make :

- 185 ml unsalted butter

- 500 ml chickpea flour, sift after measuring

- 40 ml chopped fresh walnuts (laddu is not nice if nuts are not super fresh, then rather omit)

- 1 ml ground nutmeg

- 250 ml fructose, sifted after measuring

- Melt butter in heavy based saucepan over low heat.

- Add chickpea flour, walnut pieces and nutmeg.

- Stir constantly with a wooden spoon, for about 15 – 20 minutes, until mixture becomes deep golden brown and loose in consistency. (Do not skimp on this time, the darker brown the mixture the better it tastes)

- Remove pan from heat, and stir in fructose until well combined, (mixture is still loose in consistency)

- Spoon mixture into lightly buttered glass dish, spread it out and down in kneading fashion with metal spoon. Keep working the mixture, until firm, then cut into     pieces. Refrigerate.

- Serve cool or at room temperature.