Macadamia Nut Butter 250g

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The most popular in our nutbutter range! The queen of tree nuts has a delicate flavour and is alkalinising to the body. South African grown almonds are gently toasted and ground into a butter. Since there are no emulsifying agents used whatsoever, expect a little oil to sit on top (oil is lighter in wieght than the gound almonds). You can either stir in back in or pour it off to be used for a salad dressing or on top of porridge! All our butters are also free of salt or sugar, just a pure, clean product. Nutbutters are obviously delicious on a wholesome piece of bread.

Our nut butters come from us to you so freshly made that we give them a year shelf life. Their beauty will be maintained by putting them in a fridge but if you expect to eat them sooner yet, you need not refrigerate them!