Millet Organic 500g

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High in silica for connective tissue, magnesium for the nervous sytem, blood-sugar balancing. body repairing, good for heart health, eat sweet or savoury.

Sweet Millet :

Sweet millet contains a lot of zinc and helps heal skin troubles. Sweet millet has a sticky texture and plenty of body. It is tasty and beautiful to look at as it turns bright yellow after cooking. It is one of the minor grains, which have attracted widespread popularity since ancient times. It has both a slight bitterness as well as a delicate sweetness. It contains 3 times as much fibre, twice as much calcium and twice as much quality protein as white rice. It also contains rich minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium and zinc. 
You can use sweet millet as a staple food and the puffed millet as the basis for natural sweets.