Nori Dukkah

9th Apr 2011

We often get asked if we stock Dukkah! No, Dorothy, we don’t.. But we have all the ingredients to make it. Personally, I prefer to make my own – I can forever invent new variants! The added benefit is that the Dukkah is always fresh and much more economical. Food is naturally delicious and gourmet when the ingredients are fresh and of high quality! They were prepared with the generosity of Mother Nature and you’re adding the finishing touches.

This energizing Dukkah helps one digest one’s food better (carminative properties of cumin seed), brings you an abundance of minerals (from the sesame and the nori sheets) which helps the nervous system stay resilient (don’t we all need that in these intense and interesting times). It so totally sjoeshes something simple as a salad or steamed potato or slice of toast and is dead easy to make! Try it on anything.


1 packet white or brown sesame

1 ts cumin seed

3 nori sheets cut into 1cm squares with kitchen scissors

1 level TS sea salt or Himalayan rock salt

(all ingredients from Earth Products)


Toast the sesame, salt and cumin for 20 minutes at 160 C.

In the last 5 minutes add the Nori squares. When cooled down, pulse in your blender til crumbly texture. Store in a pretty jar – one that inspires you to use it liberally!