Oat Groats Organic 500g

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Cooking whole oat groats (whole oat grain) is an excellent choice if you want to incorporate whole grains into your diet and boost your nutrition.

Like oatmeal, it is a low carb and high protein whole grain food source. However, because its bran layer is left intact, unlike oatmeal (rolled oat groats), it takes longer for digestive enzyme sto break it down. Slower digestion means stable blood sugar levels, and a longer-lasting, steady flow of energy. It is rich in Iron, Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin E. For more on the specific health benefits of Oats, click here.

How to use it :

1 part raw oats to 2 parts liquid.
Boil until water is absorbed: Whole oats take about 45 minutes to cook and may need 1/2 cup more water.Normal rolled oats take 30 minutes or more to cook.