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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml


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is a panacea made from organic apples and with the famous mother, the collagen strands that help keep making vinegar. So if you see little floaty bits in your vinegar, you'll know that this is the sign of an A1+ vinegar, best ever. Some people are a little partial to vinegar but when I heard it described as a 'lemonade with a kick', I warmed to it. Here is how I like it. 1 TS ACV, 1/2 juiced lemon, 1 ts honey, warm water - first thing in the morning, or after working out, or when dehydrated, or when coming in from the garden, or...

Apple Cider Vinegar is credited with:

  1. promoting beautiful skin and vibrant health;
  2. removing arterial plaque, bodily toxins and infections;
  3. fighting molds, bacteria and germs naturally;
  4. delays old age in humans, pets and farm animals;
  5. regulates calcium metabolism;
  6. keeps the blood the right consistency (thinner blood is healthier vs thicker blood);
  7. regulates woman's menstruation and helps with PMS and UTI;
  8. normalises urine pH and relieves frequent urge to urinate;
  9. helps digestion, assimilation and the body's correct pH;
  10. sore throat, laryngitis, ticklish throat and clears out throat and gum toxins;
  11. protects against food poisoning and makes you overcome it faster if you do get it;
  12. detoxes the body so sinus, flu and asthma sufferers breathe more easily and normally;
  13. fights acne, dandruff, athlete's foot, shingles, sunburn and other burns;
  14. helps banish itching scalp, dry hair and baldness;
  15. helps fight arthritis, crystals and toxins from joints, tissues, organs and the whole body;
  16. normalises body weight.

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