Organic Dried Tomatoes 1kg

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Sun-Dried Tomatoes are organically grown and dried on a well-known, reputed organic farm in the Western Cape. Soaking up the perfect climate, abundant sunshine and richly nurtured organic soils, they contain an unparalleled wealth of nutrition. Tomatoes are a source of Vitamin A, Anthrocyanidins (red plant pigment) for blood vessel stability and eyesight and Lycopene, a key nutrient for men's prostate health.

Tomatoes are botanically classified as a fruit. This explains their fruity and delectable taste. Yet, they are not so sweet as fruit is, instead they are aromatic. They combine as the perfect snack on the go with sea vegetables such as dulse, and cucumber or avo. On the go, on the road, hiking, trailing, horse back riding... Any time, any place where you need a light weight, ready made, GI balanced, sustaining snack. Chewy and satisfying. Figure this: with sea vegetables, it is the vegetarian and vegan's biltong!

For a gourmet treat or beautiful naturally red food gift - that gently imparts its colour and flavour to the oil - macerate in a pretty glass bottle with virgin olive oil, a sprig of rosemary, peppercorns and a dash of balsamic vinegar. They work really nicely in cooked dishes instead of fresh tomatoes. Expect a lovely chewey texture, unless you soak them beforehand. See our Polenta with Summer Vegetables recipe.