Beans & Legumes

Our focus here is to stock Organic, wherever possible. Our soya beans are non-GMO, and have been tested using a 1% threshold. A little known fact about beans: their gentle fibre stabilises the blood sugar and helps prevent colon cancer. It's all in the art of cooking! Note: Organic beans are reliable sprouters!


Dried Fruit

No preservatives, no added sugars, a great range from local deciduous fruit to Californian cranberries, to Greek & Turkish figs.


Flours & Starches

We take some grains, put them in the stone mill and gently, in the time-honoured fashion, make fine flours! Our stoneground flours are 'cold' milled. A cold milling process preserves the health properties and enzymes of the nutritious germ - way to go!


Food Charts & Books

Two useful health charts: 1. A clear food combining chart with known South African foods and an explanation on the back and 2. a chart listing digestibility of daily food stuffs.



Comprehensive from Barley to Quinoa, with an expanding range of organic local grains.


Nut & Seed Butters

100% pure and freshly ground almond, cashew, macadamia, peanut and sesame (tahini) nut butters!


Nuts & Seeds

High quality local nuts and coconut, fresh from the farm, as well as organically-grown where available.


Puffed & Breakfast Cereals

A range of home-made mueslis and granola (including wheat-free) plus local and imported rolled grains (both organic and non-organic), oat bran, fresh wheat-germ & Puffed cereals! A deliciously crunchy texture and toasted nutty flavour. Pure grains, no additives or sweeteners! They're so yummy, you could become a 'cereal killer'!



An astounding range of rices from all around the planet, a large component being of certified organic origin. Our beautiful Rice comes in basmati, brown, red, black, wild and sticky pudding! So many beautiful choices of this hypo allergenic nutritious grain!


Salt, Stock, Pickles, Oils & Ghee

Our Salt is from the clean, cold Atlantic Ocean waters at Walvis Bay in Namibia, and from Himalayan salt crystal mines giving you both your minerals and all your trace elements! Vegetarian, MSG-free stock powders without any synthetic flavours or colourants. Our Stock powders combine sea salt and herbs and enable us to naturally reduce our salt consumption! Traditionally made sauerkraut is therapeutic for the digestive system and helps the colon.


Sea Vegetables

A quality range of sea vegetables from the Northern and Southern oceans, as well as Sushi Nori. They are Certified Organic culitvated seaweeds or wild-harvested. Dulse Leaf is harvested off the East coast near Maine, USA. Glowing with a deep burgundy colour, this flavourful, soft , ready-to-snack sea vegetable is rich in iron. Available in leaves and flakes (shaker). Click here to read about the benefits of Sea Vegetables.


Soya Sauce

Do you want THE BEST Macrobiotic Tamari (pure soya sauce) and Shoyu (traditional soya sauce with wheat)? Naturally mature for three years in wooden barrels. Certified organic Tamari and Shoyu are the unsurpassed top of the range quality soya sauces from Japan.



Spices are a natural source of aromatic oils and trace elements and do their bit to balance the five elements in us: earth, water, fire, air and ether! Spice up your food and life!



A quality range of sprouting seed and sprouting paraphenalia. See also our Beans & Legumes section, Organic Beans & Legumes are generally excellent sprouters.


Supplements & Performance Powders


Sweetners & Vanilla

Unsweetened prune compote for digestive regularity. Rice and barley malts, xylitol, raw sugars, palm sugar, fructose and more. Vanilla pods from Uganda and the superb Nielsen-Massey range of genuine Vanilla extracts. Real vanilla is a natural anti-depressant! Go figure.


Teas & Coffee

Organic Malawian highland medium and dark-roast filter-grind coffee. Certified organic coffee is a totally different experience: Your nervous system will notice the absence of chemical toxins!


Tofu & Soya

Some of the finest traditional firm tofu this side of Japan. We have Natural Tofu & the delicatessen speciality, Smoked Tofu as well as Gluten-Free Tofuburgers, all from guaranteed non-GMO soya beans.