Toasted Buckwheat Hulled - Kasha Organic 500g

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Kasha is dehusked buckwheat. Buckwheat is totally gluten-free. It has a hearty unique taste and many health benefits.
Buckwheat promotes great circulation and is known to prevent artherosclerosis and strokes!

One of the easiest ist Buckwheat Risotto:

- Sautee 1c kasha in 2TS butter or oil on medium heat
- When it smells like toast, add 1,5c hot water (careful, steam!)and 1ts vegetable stock powder
- Simmer 25 minutes
- Serve with chopped parsley, toasted sunflower seed and sour cream or mock sour cream, made with our tofu! A dish of beetroot on the side and sauerkraut is pretty traditional, too!